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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A healthy body means you should have balance in your whole being. Healthy doesn't mean you have more flesh or you should not be skinny. Some people have this kind of perception that once a person is skinny, he or she might not be eating well. This perception is not always a fact. Your body, mind and emotion should be in a good condition to consider one's self healthy.

Every person has different body structure. Some are short, some are tall, some have bigger bone structure and some don't. In my case my arms and upper body got skinnier bones than my lower body parts like my thigh or legs. I used to think i was malnourished because i was smaller than my other classmates in the school and my body developed later than others. People say i probably eat less and don't get enough rest or sleep that's why I’m slim or skinny. I believed what they said to me and tried to eat more than i used to but i still i didn’t grow bigger than i expected. Then some people that i knew told me that probably it was because i was a hyperactive person. I used to walk all the time visiting my friends, joined activities like outreach and other adventurous things that we thought would be fun. In other words, i can't stay home for 10 minutes. Then again i decided to lessen going out to see my friends and sleep in the afternoon instead during weekends when i had no class. Then i looked at myself, still there's no changes at all. I was wondering what makes those girls that i knew grow bigger that i don't know. Maybe i wasn't doing it right. As a matter of fact i got less confidence to be with a crowd that i wasn’t familiar with because i always thought that they would see me as a kid or would think same thing as other people thought of me with regard to my body. I tried and tried and i gained a little weight, so little that it was not even noticeable.

I came up with a conclusion that my body will not probably change as to what i wanted. I realized that my bone's structure compared to my sisters and my other friends is not the same. Theirs are bigger and mine is skinnier. Then i started to think differently about myself. In fact i took vitamins and eat more sweets than i used to but those things didn’t really add more flesh or weight to my body. I finally realized what i was doing didn’t make any sense at all. Instead, they were giving me anxiety, pressure to myself, insecurity and depression. I noticed later on that because i go out less, my legs can not sustain a longer walk and i get tired easily for just an hour of walking in the mall. Then for staying home, i felt more lousy and inactive plus the fact that unintentionally i have detached myself from friends and other activities that i used to enjoy. All these things didn’t do me any good. It is not a matter of how big and small a person is. It is a matter of being active, happy and alive.
Now i ignore people telling me that i need to eat more. In fact i eat probably 5 times a day even before i heard people say that i probably eat less. I get hungry easily and crave for food always but those things never make any difference at all to my health. I should say I’m pretty healthy as small as i am. How come i ever thought of gaining more weight when others want it to be less? And how come i betrayed myself of having an active life when so many out there who are too sick to go out? I was not thinking right because of listening too much to so many people and believing what they say.
Now i believed on myself more and as skinny as i am, as small as i am, i know i am healthy enough to live a happy and adventurous life with friends, family and with those people that i know. I'm proud of being small and slim. Now, to people who think they are not healthy, you better evaluate yourself first before others do. Are you happy? Can you perform and do activities? Are you eating right? Is your mind peaceful? If your answers to these questions are all "yes" then there is no way for other people to judge you physically or say you are unhealthy. Cheer up because you are most likely is healthy as anybody else unless of course a doctor would declare that you are not which is the exception of the mater. Everybody could be healthy, it starts in the mind. So what makes you think you are healthy? Think that you are and evaluate yourself. A healthy mind motivates a healthy body.